Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rain~ River~ Pintos

I can tell I'm getting older. The days really do fly by. Sometimes I feel a little whirly headed from the ride. It's Friday, already?

Monday was a fit of rain and wind. I perfect day to hunker in. Made a curried soup of sweet potatoes, collards, chick peas, kidney beans,carrots, onions, garlic. 

We took a walk by the river between rains.
I didn't notice the heart shape of the river photo until I uploaded it to the computer. 

 The creek overflowed onto the road below our home.

It's Thursday. Swim class graduation for two of the grand daughters. 

Mom, Dad and Papa watch from the sidelines.
Friday we were delightfully surprised by a drop in visit from friends all the way from Florida.

Yes, royalty. 😊

Saturday felt like an all day date. We walked head long into the wind at the farmers market, cocooned for a bit at the library. Checked out some movie options for the evening, bought a few sale books, David checked out a book. Nice. Drove down to a local diner for lunch. Comfort food for a cold spring day. Pintos, cornbread, slaw and apple cobbler. Then over to a local green house for some shopping.


 Around the home. Brush burning, garden greens, morning coffee.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Taking It All In

Creation. I love watching and listening.
Flower planting with Papa. 

 Iona has a new friend,Miss Kirby.

 Playing with a gift from Miss Kirby. And of course, time to pick dandelions.
David and I enjoyed a pre-wedding party for our nephew and new niece.

On our way home, a stop by lunch visit, complete with a ride in the new car. 

Early evening we see this guy crossing the road below our home. David scoots it off the road into the grass. He was a tough guy. Kept fighting back at the stick. David placed his hand near the turtle to show how big it was. 
~The photo shoot. So beautiful. Handsome. Detailed. Much character. A great way to begin a new week. ~