Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's Been Awhile

  Hi there. It's been along while since I have posted here at "a bountiful supply". I still may use this blog site from time to time but I have moved over to "At Home With Oma"


Home is my favorite place on earth to be. Family has my heart. I love to create in the kitchen. Try new ideas, some work, some don't...That's OK when they don't I just call it "my learning curve". So, this new blog is an outlet for me to share from our home. Bountiful Supply was all over the place. Some family, Some recipes, Trips, Visits..."At Home With Oma" will have more of a focus on what happens at our home. So come on over. Let's share ideas. Thank you, Freida

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice~ A Most Excellent Day

 Winter Solstice
There is something about today, the shortest day, longest night of the year that is comforting to me.
The Solstice brings a quiet stillness. 
Silhouettes against pearl gray tones.
Neighbor Christmas lights twinkle in the distance.

Yes, The beginning of winter's quietness.
Quietness of soul.
Warm soups. 
The coziness of a wood fire while mesmerized by the dance of the orange-blue flames.

Winter sky.
Moon and stars appear brighter.
As if they are happy to light the darkness.

Maybe that's the real reason I love winter.
Creation bares its self.
Stunningly~ elegantly~ gracefully~ strong
Can take my breath away

So, this morning in the twilight I am drawn to the river. It is a pull. I must go.  In slippers, I button up a wool sweater, camera in hand, leaving the coffee maker making my morning coffee.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Fifth Week of Fall

We begin the fifth week with a ballgame.
The Sidelines.

Moses walks over to this random ball player and stands beside him. Accessing the height and ball attire.

We had a wonderful Saturday morning hanging out with family. 

We end the day with a stop by Costco and dinner at a friends home.
 Yes! My first real measuring set in almost 37 years. I adopted a set of measuring cups from our daughter, Anna. 

Marmalade greets us as we arrive for dinner


Cutting the last of the basil to dry.

Last weeks basil cutting dried and jarred. 

FIGS!!!! Our first babies!!!

A beautiful day. Think I'll bake some bread in the SunOven. 
The bread turned out great. Except, I dropped it taking it out of the oven. Made a crack down the center. 

Sunday afternoon. Window washing and shared sweet potato pie. 

Kirby and David look like the harvest Queen and King. No, really, Kirby gave David some cuttings of the sorghum growing by her porch. Taking home for decoration and saving seeds.

Pineapple is in season and a good price. My first time ever canning pineapple. I canned pineapple during a flood of rain. 6.75 inches of rain in less than 5 hours
I read best to turn upside down to disperse juices throughout. 
The pineapple corer and cutter upper. 
All stages. Compost. Making juice from cores and pieces. Pineapple ready for the juice.
After boiling a while, I strained the juice, then reboiled to add to the chunks
Cooking in juice. Getting ready for jars
Nine pint jars and one jar of juice. No BPA lined cans. No sugar.

 The surrounding area had some major flooding. Our little stream wasn't so calm and little.

A large tree fell from the saturated ground

Rainbow after the storm.

The Sorghum. Decoration   
Drying for seed

Left overs for lunch from a nights meal of hot dogs/grilled sausages and slaw, made from our garden cabbage, brought a warmth inside my being remembering sitting around the table with three sweet grand daughters and their mom and dad.

Selah and Iona helped set the table choosing the "just right" napkin for each person.  Think I'll straighten it later.

The five weeks of emerging golds, oranges, reds, browns have peaked here. The winds and rains shave the branches leaving patches of color here and there. I can feel winter lurking around the corner. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Fourth Week of Fall

Starting the weekend off right. A visit to eastern NC 

Grandma time

                  Grandma toasts Marcus a couple of pastries. Tops them with ice cream.

Morning at Great Grandma's
Great Grandma lovin on her great grandsons. Giving Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes for the road


Saying goodbye 

A visit with family.

A little porch cleaning.

Back home.

Canning applesauce

A flower bed


Friend, Carter ,sent me some Granny Smith apples. 😀

We never did see the turtles hatch. We checked to see by digging where the eggs were laid. Either they hatched or something ate them. 

Well, there ya go. The fourth week of Fall. 
Such a beautiful time of year.