Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Happened to Grits?

Mind you, I live in the south AND in the southern Appalachians...I was doing some grocery shopping last evening and remembered we were out of grits. I proceed to the oatmeal, grits, area where I find all sorts of pre-packaged,sugared ,high fructosed ,"quick sample sized" expensive fake flavored packets in overly sized boxes...of grits, oatmeal... Where is the 5lb bag of grits we always purchase?? Finally down in a corner, on the bottom shelf I find a forgotten looking small 2 lb bag of JUST grits..This made me sad. What is this world coming to? I will try another not so citified grocery store in my search for 5 lbs of grits... Better yet, I think we will drive "across the border" to a local TN mill that grinds the real thing. So,all is not lost...We will be giving our money to a local mill for our grits!