Saturday, February 27, 2010

This morning I took stock of what was in the cabinets, fridge and freezer. There were several partial bags, boxes, little bits of this and that that needed to be cooked.  I decided it was going to be a day of gleaning and cleaning.   So far I have about 1/4th cup vinegar, a few handfuls of various nuts, 2 cans of creamed corn, a couple of cans of diced tomatoes, 3/4 a block of tofu, organic rye flour given by a friend that has possibly been in the freezer way to long, a few mushrooms, one onion, some garlic, half used tomato, varied types of pasta, some couscous, partial bags of frozen vegetables, a few carrots and various opened cereals....
The onion, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, couscous  become this sauce which I baked over chicken.                  

The broccoli, carrots, tofu and pasta became an asian ginger dish. I used the rest of a ginger soy dressing and rinsed out the bottle for the last bit.

Here are the final products of the day. Handful of various nuts, raisins and a few crasins made a nice nut medley.  The rye flour mixed with a few other flours made 5 loaves of multi grain bread.  I also used the last 2 cups of corn meal plus one of the cans of cream corn to make corn bread.  The house is warm from the oven and smells of fresh baked bread. Oh, I used the little bit of vinegar to clean the outside of the tea kettle. The partial boxes of cereal hopefully will be eaten soon. If not they will turn into muffins or granola.

The bread dough was just beginning to rise in this picture.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thought about checking this book out of the library.  If you have not read or heard of Helen and Scott Hearing go to this site  and The Walden Woods Project.

Adapted from “Loving and Leaving the Good Life“, by Helen Nearing (Chelsea Green, 1993).
The great pioneer of simple living, Helen Nearing, offers eleven tips for living not only a less stressful life, but for living in a more connected and organic way.
 She lived to be 91, and her husband Scott to be 100.

Do the best you can, whatever arises
Be at peace with yourself
Find a job you enjoy
Live in simple conditions: housing, food, clothing; get rid of clutter
Contact nature every day; feel the earth under your feet
Take physical exercise through hard work; through gardening or walking
Don’t worry; live one day at a time
Share something every day with someone else; if you live alone, write someone; give something away; help someone else somehow
Take time to wonder at life and the world; see some humor in life where you can.
Observe the one life in all things
Be kind to the creatures.

AND THIS LINK MADE ME HAPPY TODAY.  ENJOY!  and as always some of the best is at the last.  Peace

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thought of my Papa and Grandma today. I have forever imprints from them in my soul. Thank you Grandma for teaching me how to can and freeze most any plant that could be harvested and put up. Thank you Papa for all the laughs and loving me, for me. I always felt like a princess around you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

FINALLY a SUNNY DAY! Snow, Ice, and more Snow! Today was a welcomed break with sun before more snow coming Tuesday. With the break, my husband and one of our sons claimed some wood from a fallen tree in the back and side yard for the woodstove. (First chance to safely get to the tree since the ice storm on Christmas Day.) I noticed the sound of the saw had been silent for a while. I begin to "window shop" to see what is going on. I hear muffled voices coming from beneath the kitchen bay window. This is what I saw.

Papa and son discussing life and who knows what under the apple tree in the snowy back yard for a long while. A warmth more satisfying than the warmth from the woodstove.