Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

FIRST DAY OF SPRING with some very special people.  Ian and Monica on a quick rest from Haiti before going back for a year. We girls went to a local Boone fair trade store for a talk-share on using cloth diapers.  Mer got some good deals.  Monica and I each won a door prize which we gave to Selah.  Mer's mom and dad came up from SC.  Those of us that could went to Our Daily Bread for lunch.  I had a great tasting BBQ tempe and slaw sandwich.  Some pictures from our 1st day of spring.

Josiah made these
Uncle and nephew

Ian and Monica with Selah


Family Fellowship

My beautiful inside and out daughter-in-love

Josiah and Ian (friends since high school) with their wives.

The Grandmas, Meredith and Monica at Green Mother Goods.

Hungry...Where to eat?
Congregated at Our Daily Bread

So good.. time with family and friends..Happy Spring

I will post next on my Uncle Milton's farm..