Friday, April 9, 2010

This Past Week

Blessed to spend this year's Resurrection Celebration with family at a NC beach. Our children and grandchildren have come and gone through out the past week.  David and I still remain.  Alone.  A beach front house.  Thundering sound of  crashing waves. Sun. Mist. Wind.  TV off. Music sometimes.  
Windows into Our TIme

Experimented with left overs..Made a yeast dough to use small portions of roasted pepper, a green onion, cheese, spinach, a few green olives, herbs...kneaded the vegetables into the dough.
Out come~~ a Veggie-Cheese Bread product~~

Just us walking along the beach just after sunrise

Early morning coffee listening to the crashing surf

The water colors of gray, green, and shades of blue