Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Post in One Day~This is Good

A Healthful Swap Out

Once a week I get an email special offer from our local Earth Fare Grocery Store.  They have had an on going "boot out-clean your pantry of HFCS and hydrogenated oils" on a handful of products~ On top of the weekly coupon deal~  I took the challenge.  Brought in the collected items I had been storing from friends and old fridge stuff . I actually bought a cheap store brand of the yucky type of peanut butter for the trade.  Here is what I got FREE....I should say WE got free.  My sweet dear husband was part of the hunt and trade gather too.  We also got to use our other EF coupons for a great savings shopping trip.   Especially the half off price for the olive bar!

*the trade in ~ hfcs in a dressing, a hfcs soda, hfcs cereal, hydrogenated oil peanut butter, and a hfcs jelly.  It didn't matter if the product was used or almost empty.  A swap for the approved store brand.  Go Earth Fare!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Papa Time

Malachi on the beach with his Papa over Easter