Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~~~ Nette's Chair ~~~

It's been three weeks since I found my "Nette" chair. She graces our family-kitchen area with a royalishness about her. Late Saturday evening, June 12th about three minutes after 11pm, my husband's oldest sister, Annette, passed from the reality we see to the reality not seen.

On a very hot Atlanta afternoon my husband David and I took some time just to be alone. He knows how much I like thrift stores.  He considerately drove me to a few close to his sister's neighborhood. We enter the thrift store. David goes over to the men's clothes. I have to go up and down every rack, look at household stuff, books, furniture... You have to glance over everything in case you find a prize. AND... I FOUND A PRIZE. IT sang to me. The "music" grew louder and louder as I got closer. Where's David! I have to show this to him! I look around for him. Where IS that man!  finally spot him waiting patiently, already checked out, with a few clothes bunched in his folded arms. I tell him he's gotta come look at something. I can tell he doesn't really want to. I said "never mind let's just go"...But... I couldn't just go.. I heard her back there beckoning to me. David knows me so well. A look in my eyes and to the back of the store we go. "Where we goin' to put it?"... You have been decluttering."  I almost give in again and leave her. NO! rings inside of me. I am buying this chair. My sweet man hauls it up to the register. While I pay he goes out to pull up the car. One look at my chair and the cashier exclaims like singing a song..."OOOOOOO GIRL, THAT CHAIR JUST TALKS TO YA! You gotta a good one there. I have people come in here ALL the time looking for a good chair like that and you just walk right in here from outta town and find it. I tell ya... that chair talks to ya!" I tell her quickly why we are in Atlanta. She says in a sing song fashion~ "Bless you. I am sorry about your sister" to David as he is walking inside to carry the prize to the car.  The Nette chair, my chair, now, our chair rode back to NC from a thrift store in GA.

In yesterday morning's sun, I notice our "Nette" chair sitting there quite regally.

by the way it is surprisingly comfortable for a metal chair.  ~she's prettier in person~

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Summer Evening's Glow

The peach colored evening sky cast an ethereal glow across all it canopied. 
I loved the way the glow made the flowers look like an impressionistic painting.

As the glow fades evening sets in across the valley

Mr Kitty enjoying the warm pavement at the end of the day

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Urban Homesteaders

We have lived in our current home for almost 25 years.  When we moved here we were on the very edge of a small mountain town. We turned into our "neighborhood" off of a two lane road with no stop lights and  a farm house with  cows across the street... you get the picture. Now the farm land is a shopping center, the two lane turned into a four lane which is now under construction as a six lane. We are tucked back on a city street with trees mostly all around us.  We used to have woods to the right of the house where two houses now stand.  All that to say, town has changed all around us.  Yet our little piece of property is growing and yielding more than ever thanks to my "farmer at heart" husband.  We have raspberry bushes, blueberry bushes, an apple tree, LOTS of flowers, herbs of all types, tomatoes, squash,.....on and on...Oh! We have a compost pile at the far back corner of our little city lot and a rain barrel at a back corner of the house which he uses to water the "crops".  Inside our home we collect grey water in each bathroom with a bucket in the showers.  Use this to flush toliets or water plants.  We have so many times moved to the country in our hearts.  Living life has kept us here on our little spot of earth.  Growing older we are seeing many advantages to living close to downtown.  When the five children were young, with one car, living close to town and school saved us many hours of travel and money on gas. We kept  saying one day the country, acres, a small farm homestead... Who knows what the future holds.  One thing I do know is that David and I are homesteaders at heart and are very content on our little urban homestead.

I found this definition off of Path To Freedom.  We fit the definition.  I am glad that living in the city limits does not negate homesteading.

Urban Homestead Definition
Urban Homestead [ur-buh n hohm-sted]
n. 1 a suburban or city home in which residents practice self-sufficiency through home food production and storage.

n. 2 the home and garden of a person or family engaging in sustainable small-scale agriculture and related activities designed to reduce environmental impact and increase self-sufficiency.

n. 3 a name describing the home of a person or family living by principals of low-impact, sustainable self-sufficiency through activities such as gardening for food production, cottage industry, extensive recycling, and generally simple living.

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