Friday, September 24, 2010

Shhhhh... Autumn Night Scenes

Home. The end of a day.  Lights low, the house embraces a softness, a stillness even though low distant traffic sounds and muted cheers from the local high school filter through the night air. Quiet peaceful security hums within a home of love.. Here a are few of our night scenes... Blessed

Flowers resting on the front porch

Full moon over the stadium lights of the distant high school

Mr Kitty comes to see what I am doing
Mr Kitty in his night habitat

Next door neighbor's porch light

Our Home's Night Porch 

Porch light on waiting for one more family member to come home

Peace in the evening

Our grandson's room in our home~quiet toys

He sleeps peacefully with his "friends" while mama is at work

 Waiting patiently for the next "rock-rock" time

Just picked up co-op order waits by the kitchen counter to be put up tomorrow

Flowers from our daughter-in-love's garden shine even in the evening

Restful Still

uhuh...caught my husband getting a bedtime snack