Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Thirty-Sixth Day of Summer

After almost 26 years of serving us well, our toilet officially died. David tried fixing and fixing, corking, new parts, and it still leaked and would not flush. We had to face it. We had to buy a new toilet. I remembered something about low water use toilets and rebates from an article a few months back in the paper. I checked out the town utility site and sure enough... if you bought a water sense toilet the town would give you a rebate up to 100 dollars until the funds ran out. Hopefully the funds were still there. It is the end of July. 
David purchased a water sense toilet, on sale, for under 100 dollars.

out with the old, in with the new

YAY...Town of Boone!

Our new water saving throne...after rebate FREE!!!!!!

We ended the evening with dinner with friends.
love the rock work by the basement door

our friends flower garden

Sandi loves rocks

front yard... stone couple under the tree

ahh.... relaxing with friends.. good food, good fellowship.. nice summer evening

glimpse of my man

my friend Sandi made this for her husband's birthday a while back

more back yard garden

the end of a good evening.

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