Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the Twenty-Seventh Day of Summer

Going to Big Lots for some grocery staples

YAY! Hit the jackpot. We really like brown rice. AND  Big Lots had some today.  Just yesterday I checked to see if they had any brown rice on the shelves.  They did not. The lady put some out just this morning. Please read about my rice hunt and a little more factoids after all of the pictures.

I was able to stock up on many items we buy often

freezer bags, natural crunchy peanut butter, soy milk, raw almonds, 100% cranberry juice, extra virgin olive oil, brown rice, roasted red peppers,artichoke hearts in water, raisins... even a few treats for the grand children, Plum organic green snacks there is more but I will stop.

Now about the rice hunt.  We like brown rice.  Brown rice has really shot up in price. I usually buy brown rice in bulk from a co-op. We are talking 25-50 lbs. We put it in the freezer to keep from getting rancid.  I have been disappointed at the price hike from the co-op and bulk bins at local stores. I have price shopped on Amazon and other bulk ordering sights on line too.  The cheapest price I have found is 80 cents a pound.  I work next door to a Big Lots. Three days a week  I use my break time checking out the food, toiletry, baby aisles.  A few weeks ago I bought up several pounds of long grain brown rice at 65 cents a pound. So happy. THEN TODAY, I scored 24 pounds of rice at 52 cents a pound using the 20% off coupon.  YES! AND it was grown on the gulf coast of the USA.  RICE GROWN IN THE USA

You may also have noticed all of the olive oil on the table. We usually by our olive oil in gallon or more containers from Costco or a good grocery store sale of buy one get one free.  I also have been pricing extra virgin olive oil on line and local grocery stores. The cheapest I have found is 24.99 for a gallon .   Today I purchased  EVOO for $16.00 a gallon!  One of the best things about this purchase is the oil will be stored in smaller units, sealed, and in dark glass bottles.  I don't mind the large jugs but oil can go rancid and the plastic can leach in the oil. SO, double score today.

*By the way....  actually the total volume for the oil was 8 ounces over a gallon. So the price is a little lower than $16.00.

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