Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On the Fiftieth Day of Summer

They have called to me. They have NOT whispered.  Yes, I see you. You look nice today. My, your faces are maturing quickly.  Good morning. This afternoon as I passed the girls they YELLED at me. "HEY, OVER HERE!" I take a moment to say hi. "Yes, I see you, looking very bright and bold this afternoon. I will be back later to take your pictures." They seemed to sigh a little. You may think I'm a little off, but I interact with  creation.
 In the early evening I go out to the front porch, camera in hand to visit the girls.  My mind  floods with images, symbols, parallels of the feminine. A little girl bud holding energy/ life quietly inside for the female journey.  The adolescent full and about to burst. The young woman, at her most energetic time bursting with color. The older woman steady, sure, singing with full throttled voice. Sure of who she is. With the deepest of color just before the petals start to fade. It appears this is the stage the zinnia's by the porch are currently in. Then there is the old woman, like the older zinnia bloom. Fading petals,some withered or crinkled and turning brown. BUT... THE SEEDS! Yes, the SEEDS! As the zinnia begins to set seeds it fades. Inside the flower are many seeds which will germinate, grow and bloom again. Life goes on to the next generation. I like Zinnia. She comes in many different sizes, shapes and colors...

Meet the ladies.

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