Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Fifty-Third Day of Summer

 Today has been a typical work day.  I've been working a part time job 2  1/2 days a week.  Today was my last day of the half day.  Happy to be working only 2 days back to back with days open to "homestead" and explore creatively.  My mind often thinks of ways to save money around the home and be creative in the kitchen. Cutting back on work, I want to make money by saving money working inside the home. One of the every other week challenges is grocery shopping. We like to eat a healthful diet... for the most part. We do enjoy homemade pies, cookies, tortilla chips and salsa...etc...
Looking for low sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, no bad oils, or fats, low sugars pretty much cuts shopping down to the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Only a few healthy products can be found down the center aisles. Then factor in a modest grocery budget. A challenge. I like a challenge. I have learned one stores day for marked produce and dairy. I purchase marked down close to out of date milk to use for making yogurts. Our weekly vegetables are decided for me, what ever is marked down for quick sale is what we eat.  Marked down organic vegetables are always a treat and very affordable.
I would like to buy all organic but the pocket book doesn't allow. Of course, the very best is to grow your own food or buy local if possible. You know what you are getting.  Research shows some vegetables and fruits are better to buy organically. To help the grocery budget I have decided to buy conventional where recommended and organic on sale, or from the safe list. I used to have the following printed out and place on the refrigerator for reference.  I know this is long but wanted to pass it along.  Go here for a list FOOD LIST  and SHOPPER'S GUIDE~ FOOD NEWS


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