Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On the Eighty-Fifth Day of Summer

Today I cleaned out/sorted through crammed grocery store receipts in my wallet. As I glanced over the receipts I did a double take on the Earth Fare receipt from Sunday. I saved 88 cents. How? I didn't use coupons. Maybe they have started giving bag credits? NO! There it was, SENIOR DISCOUNT! BUT I wasn't asked! I pulled a young co-worker aside to show him my receipt and discount. His response, a high five for saving 88 cents...NO! They gave me a senior discount with out asking if I qualified. His response, Maybe she was just being nice and gave you the discount...
I have been eligible to join AARP for four years now. I know I am mid fifties. But, a senior discount with out asking? Oh well, I guess I need to "face" the facts...I qualify for senior discounts. I can embrace that. I love finding deals. Now the quest.... Who, on what days and where can discounts be found?

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