Friday, October 28, 2011

Blessed Once Again

The temperatures have fallen through out the day.  I added some heat to the house by cooking. Made a big pot of bulghur and bean chili. Cornbread using the mountain cornbread recipe with Mr. Castle's corn meal.  A peach-raspberry bread, which taste more cakeish. And a vegetable-swiss baked concoction. Son, Josiah's family dropped by in the late afternoon.  We enjoyed just hangin' out. All of the days food was sitting on the stove top. Everyone helped themselves when ever they got ready to eat. Conversation and fellowship was more filling for me than the food. Blessed...once again.

Thank you Mr. Castle

Veg chili and cornbread

Vegetable medley concoction

Peach-Rhaspberry bread seemed a little too moist so I put it back in the warm oven for a while

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