Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Power For over Two Hours

We just finished dinner. The lights go off. No power. I find candles and light them. Sun has gone down. Getting dark. Everything goes into wait mode. I don't miss TV or internet. I do miss being able to see to finish up stuff at the end of the evening. We stop and everything is OK.

The power goes out

Playing by the door window for light

Sun is going down. Candles lit. Shouldn't take long. Probably a squirrel blew a transformer on the street.

Been a little while now.  Here is a "mighty truck" come to help.
Malachi called this a Mighty Truck.

Workers looking for the problem.
We have been with out power for over 2 hours now. Bedtime. Malachi's not sure about going to bed in a candle lit house.   

Workers work just outside while Papa rocks and sings
Malachi falls asleep and is put to bed only minutes before the power comes on.

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