Saturday, January 15, 2011

Evening to Evening

                                      ~~Evening to Evening~~ 
Making, doing, finding, playing, working and all sorts of piddling in between.
                                                                Last Night

New use for the Trouble board

After placing the crayons on the board, Grandson, Malachi began singing Happy Birthday
made some hamburger/sandwich buns

                                     ~~This Morning~~
Started the day off making oat-whole wheat bread

Finished the bread.....Next  

Malachi helped me look out for the squirrel through out the day. Pesky squirrel knocked over the bird feeder.

Home made pimento cheese to go with the rolls or bread

Granola with apricots, cranberries, lots of flax mixed with the oats

Added coconut to half of the mix for David

Veg spaghetti for dinner

Malachi and Papa share an evening snack of granola . 
                                            What a great way to end Evening to Evening


Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Grandson's Artwork

What are you drawing?   

Sun Coming Down


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictoral Morning Journey to Work

From our front porch to work's front door.

butterfly bush blooms purple in spring ~ white in winter

heading to work

up the drive way graciously shoveled by my husband

been using the 4 wheel drive

my chariot awaits

up our neighborhood street

here we go and it has already been plowed by the city

snowing so much the street stays covered

more of "our" road

around the bend now

neighbor faithfully walking his dog

now to the intersection from our neighborhood

scenes from the intersection

looking back toward the neighorhood at the intersection

work in the distance

work parking lot

last shot from the car as I close the door....the wind is really blowing the snow around

 People actually got out in this. Glad I am home now.  Has been snowing all day and will continue through tomorrow. Don't work tomorrow! Maybe a baking day. Thankful for a warm shelter to come home to.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Made my Day

Yesterday, I worked one of my 2 1/2 days a week of "public" work. I work at a very local Boone establishment. The" branch" so to speak, I work in is a 23 years old sprout  from the original tree that started in 1919 and is still serving the community.  All that to say we have very loyal, local, mostly over 50ish clientele.  This is what makes my day at work enjoyable. Sure, I can get some cranks but that's ok. One of my jobs is to relay phone calls. When I first started taking phone messages or relaying calls, try as I must, I could not understand the English language being spoken to me. Not to frustrate the person or embarrass myself, I would forward the call on to someone else. Now I understand every word spoken to me, or get the "jist" of it anyway.   I love to hear the singing rhythm of the mountain dialect. Which I hear in my own voice from time to time (lived here since 1975  minus one year away to teach "off the mountain" and came right back) It was a proud day for me when a local told me I was a local for living here so long. 
The point of the story.  It was a cold, snowy, only the brave driving a four wheel drive, snow plows with chains on kind of day. Most all the lady workers had their men drop them off (and will pick them up) driving a 4X4. My man did that for me.  As the snow poured, a  coworker, family lineage from years way back in these mountains, and I were talking about all the mountainish men that had been in the store that day. I asked my friend why she thought that was?  She answered with a solid, matter-of-factness as the hills she was born in. "Mountain men thrive on weather like this.  They get to drive their women to work, stack wood, shovel snow,..Makes 'um feel real useful. Takin' care of their own." We both laughed out loud.  So true. I saw so many 4X4's parked just outside droppin' off and pickin' up their woman or family. Taking care that everyone was safe. Looked after.  Holdin' the arm of their love one as they walked across the ice and snow. My friend said her finance was taking little baby steps holdin' on to her arm the other night. She asked "What 'cha doin' that for?" She said, He said," just in case you fall."  Her answer.."Well you'll be comin' down with me!"  Just after our conversation the gentleman pictured below walks through the door. I immediately exclaimed he was a little crazy dressed like that. He said.. "Naw.. It's just about right outside".  (He said he had a jacket in the truck if he needed it)  My coworker friend knew the man. I got her to take a picture  as he left the store. I wish I could show you the whole picture. I don't want to offend him and his privacy. 
People like The Mr. here make my day. 


Makes me want to listen to music like this.  ;o) A song taught from one of our own... Doc

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Results of Being in on a Cold Winter Day

I like this  & this  ~Dedicated To Emma Beth and Ian Lawson~ (to those that don't know...this was the theme song on their~my daughter and new son-in-law's~ wedding count down web page)