Friday, March 25, 2011

Taken by the Moon

I tried putting music to some of my moon shots.  Bear with the amateur.  The music is by Steve Roach.  The moon pulled on me into the early morning hour.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Did It

I see line, color, shape, shadow - art every where. I marvel how the hand can create from the heart and mind. My dear friend Connie, of over 30 years, is an artist. Her hands are strong and gentle. She draws, paints and is a potter. You can see her handiwork at a local art gallery in town. A few weeks back we had a "play" date. Just hangin' out. She asked if I'd like to make something... My response... a, Ms. NoMake! She encouraged me..."You're a great cook. You can do this" as she proceeded to get out the clay and unfamiliar tools. "So,what cha' goin' to make?" Another LAUGH! Like,I knew what to make. Simple. I need simple. I decided to make a flower vase. My sweet husband, David, grows and brings me flowers from the yard from March-September. Before I knew it she had my hands on the clay. Gently she instructed me. We giggled like girls as we listened to Bob Dylan. I discovered a familiar place. The place my soul goes when I knead bread. It felt good.
    Connie called just as I was heading out the door for work to tell me the pieces were ready to get out of the kiln. UGGH~SIGH... I had to wait ALL day. It felt like Christmas Eve. Four pm could not come soon enough. Sweet Connie, waited all day to unload her kiln so I could watch the treasure door open. I peered over the edge as she opened the hatch. There he was in the center with all Connie's jewels surrounding him.(Connie referred to the vase as a him) Connie lifted him out like a new born babe for me to hold. I made this,with guidance, but, I made it. Created something from me to hold God's beauty. We unloaded the kiln young at heart marveling at each treasure. A few layers down I found my platter. I liked it a lot. Very basic and useful. I saw my platter serving slices of home made bread. With more laughter, time for pictures and hugs I eagerly drove home. Good, David's not home yet. I placed the beauties in the center of the kitchen table with excitement. David's home! I felt like a child pulling his arm to the kitchen waiting for him to discover the treasures. I got all teary when he read my name on the bottom of the pieces. The type of emotion you feel when you tell someone something special or hurtful you've been holding inside.
I felt all celebraty inside. Wait! This calls for wine. Dinner on hold, I run out to buy some wine to go with dinner. There he ,vase, stood all rugged and woodsy full of the first flowers of spring from the yard. Of course, the platter was on the table too.

one of Connie's faces

David brought me flowers. Grandson Malachi helps

one of those self portrait kind of pics