Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Kitchen

Whole frozen tomatoes from late summer's garden of last year .. I decided to try freezing the tomatoes whole for the first time ever and it worked... Go HERE FOR INFO

Straight from garden, to freezer, to pot. So easy.

Bought a bunch of organic cilantro and spring onions

The tomatoes, cilantro, spring onions,  mixed with pressure cooked black beans,a little corn, cumin, and other spices

A pan of mark downs from the grocery store of collards and portabellas.  I mixed them with some onions and kohlrabi I already had in the house.  Mixed with some olive oil, bean stock from pressure cooking the black beans and garlic.  OOOOH GOOOD.

Microwaved some sweet potatoes from a bushel bought back in late fall.  Dinner Results on the Stove... So good... So healthy.