Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Fifth Day of Summer

Today I went to my first traditional Indian wedding. I wanted to document everything. It is hard to select only a few photos. I will share some of my favorites.

Brides family bringing Darshan a gift from the bride coming toward the groom then stops

the father of the grooms running feet

mother of the groom

she looked so precious

the bride catches her groom  

the groom is hidden behind a veil until his bride arrives, took this just before he was totally hidden


part of the marriage ceremony

Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Summer

In our small Appalachian town we had a celebration to honor Doc Watson. A statue of Doc was unveiled across the street were he played guitar as a young man. David, grandson, Malachi and I had a very enjoyable, relaxing time. I took LOTS of photos. Here are only a few.

just a hat in the crowd

random girl cycling around the closed off road to cars during the event

street corner across the street from the statue of Doc Watson

yet to be revealed

enjoying the music

dancers in the crowd having fun

Doc Watson coming out on the porch

Doc Watson

The Legend

Sportin' the Hat

Don't you just love small town life? Turned around and saw this just behind me

Looks like Malachi is listening to Doc play and sing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Third Day of Summer

stopped for gas to take to son w/o gas at the top of a mountain

threw together a quick care bag of french roast coffee beans, brownies, a couple of books, some locally raised beef, mail that showed up at our house, and a couple of local newspapers

fill 'er up....well sort of... just a few gallons

dad doing a really good job cheering Jacob on

bachelor pad

window view just over his bed

steppin' out of his apartment front door

Jacob wakes and goes to sleep with this view just out of his front door and windows

looking down from his apartment floor level

what a good girl...Angel Grace

Jacob had water ready for tea when we arrived

three cups of tea

Angel HAS to be close to Jacob
I love and am blessed by our third born son so very much

a mama couldn't be happier at this very moment
one more parting shot from his front porch

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the Second Day of Summer

my spot at work

the view to my right

what I see straight in front of me


Calvin always wants to be close to someone

~made brownies~ inhaled in the dark chocolaty smell as I cut my favorite center piece

finished the first book of summer....the last page

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the First Day of Summer

Today was a wonderful first day of summer.  David and I enjoyed working around our little urban homestead.  First thing this morning David picked the first taste of plump raspberries from the yard.  Mid morning he brought me a bouquet of joy from the yard.   Our home is surrounded by purple, pink, yellow, orange ,and red blooming flowers of all varieties cultivated by my personal gardener, my heart song, my husband.  While I created in the kitchen*(see list after pictures)*, David did the muscle work of cleaning windows, screens, wood work around the doors and windows... etc.  To top of the afternoon a  couple of severe thunder storms rolled through complete with wind and a little hail.  The air immediately cooled as if a giant air conditioner was turned down to a pleasant 69 degrees.  Ahhh, tired, and satisfied.

joy in a clay jar

got to get up close to breathe it all in


enjoying them so much...just one more shot

freshly made ice tea for this hot first day of summer

think I'll take a break...never did get to read the book.... to much I want to do... will read later this evening

*kitchen and around the house..I totally enjoyed kitchen time today

made a batch of yogurt,
hung 3 loads of clothes on the line, which was pure pleasure...the almost dried clothes later rescued by David when the rains came....
made a cold pasta salad for lunch with  green peas, herbs from the yard, chives, a little shredded cheese, chopped egg,
made a batch of cayenne, chopped banana peppers,whole wheat, cheese, with white corn muffins
experimented with some tomatoes, onions, garlic,chard, swiss cheese made into a casserole
unthawed a huge tray of frozen leg quarters.. barbequed  half of them in the oven... boiled down the other half on the stove
cooked a huge pot of brown rice in the chicken stock added some frozen broccoli and the meat from the boiled down chicken.
 The refrigerator is stocked ready for the remainder of the week.  Smiling.....and tired