Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome October!

What a wonderful start to the month of October.

David bought the roasted red pepper bread with a gift certificate from a student.

We finished up the certificate by getting spinach-cheddar scones which we enjoyed before leaving the bakery.
Then we drove over to the farmer's market. So excited it is snowing, the wind is blowing and it is chilly.  Come on!

The colors were wonderful beneath the snowy overcast morning sky

If you look hard enough you can see the snow.  Caught a glimpse of the edge of my umbrella. I like this picture with most  of the faces hidden by hoods or umbrellas.

David in the right hand corner. See the snow?

Something about a community farmer's market

Totally enjoying myself

OK....Let's go find some coffee! We stopped by the store bought some organic french roast beans and headed home for a good strong cup of coffee. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Clouds Over the Blueridge

The ride home from the school fall festival. Cold air is coming in. The clouds are wondrous and the air is crisp.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Balm of a Good Friend

I spent the day with a dear friend. We talked and enjoyed good music while we played with clay. Then took her grand dog for a walk in the woods. Refreshment to my soul.

 Sun faces look over as guardians of her back porch (Sunfaces created by my friend)
What a glorious fall day

Watch how high Baloo can jump..Go get the stick!

Random hobbie horse in the tree


Come on....Give me the stick

What a beautiful walk by the river
Baloo loved the water


Can you hear it? The rush of the water over the rocks just sings to your soul.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank You Lord for Our Food

David and I enjoyed a dinner of mixed salad greens topped with our choice from the
"salad bar"

David's topped with lemon, black pepper and olive oil chicken, slices of Jarlsberg and garden fresh tomatoes.

Mine, all the veggies like David, except no cheese or chicken.  Tomatoes from our friends garden were the best part.  I did sample the chicken though.  You can tell I really like beets.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nikki McClure Came to My Home Today! Sort of

On the front porch one afternoon

I was waiting for my Nikki McClure book of prints.  GO  HERE ABOUT NIKKI MCCLURE

Oh Yes! My Nikki McClure book came today

Just a snippet of what's inside

She draws how I live

I drink in each print. Thank you Nikki.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good and Pleasant

Went over to a friend's home for a potluck fellowship
View across from the front porch

Smelled fish fryin'. Followed my nose to the outbuilding where Carter was frying some fish he had caught.

Does this smell good! And it DID taste good too!

I walked over to take a peek at the last of the garden

Everyone left with tomatoes

Hanging out in the kitchen
Stimulating conversation

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharing God's Bounty

A couple of young friends came over this afternoon for some bee-balm roots to plant for next year to make bee-balm tea. David really enjoys sharing cuttings, roots, seeds from the yard. They left with a car load of  flower, berry and herb roots of all sorts. We also ground some wheat berries for them to take home for baking some bread on a fall day. What a blessing this afternoon was.
Hard Red Winter Wheat

Ground to this wonderfully fine  and fresh whole wheat flour

Sharing plant roots, seeds, cuttings