Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back Roads and Apples

We have eaten apples from this orchard for at least 25 years.  By the way, I went back and bought one of the pie pumpkins.

We bought three bushels of apples. A golden delicious, staymen winesap, and the Coffey old timey. 

The Coffey Orchard. Our family has picked apples from these very trees. The first time David and I picked we gleaned after the big pickin for a dollar a bushel.  I carried our first born, who is 29, in a snugglie while we picked.

We decided to explore a few back roads before heading home.

We ended up on a dead in here and had to back out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hometown Evening

The first part of the afternoon was spent at the library with grandson, Malachi. We came home made homemade pizza then left for more adventures. This time with papa.


We entered this store just after crossing the street with the peace man in front of us. What comes immediately to mind is "Give Peace a Chance"

Fall evening downtown

Little Red Fire Hat 

Watching the evening from the porch of our downtown art center

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Know it is Beautiful Outside

The I don't feel well kind of day turn into out and out sick.  I got out of bed close to five this afternoon. On the way from a bathroom trip I noticed my camera.  I grabbed it up and brought it to bed with me. Sometime during the afternoon I opened my eyes to the camera resting on the pillow next to me. I reached over turned it on closed my eyes and took a couple of shots. 

So this is what I have looked like all day

I know it is a beautiful sunny day out side but it feels black and white inside
I did open my eyes to take this picture from my view of the day
A blessing from the day was being still, letting my thoughts and prayers ramble from mist to sleep to awake back to sleep... No computer or electronics until I got the camera.  The sickness quieted me. It is now after 9pm. I am feeling better, not sleepy but going back to bed to rest. Being sick makes you tired.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Go to Bed Early Kind of Night

An I don't feel well kind of day.  It was a pleasant fall day.  Carolina blue skies, with hits of orange and reds showing in the trees.  I am thankful. Tonight is a go to bed early night. Here are a few pictures from the archives of the last couple of weeks.

Bakery with local products for sale

At the bakery

The front porch one Sunday afternoon

By a friends front door

Path around to the side of the house

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Grady sports the Elvis look even though he is close to 70.  Today he brought me and another lady at work a treat.  I am comin' to really like these older mountain men.  Thank you Grady.

I especially like the dark chocolate part.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr Castle and White Corn Meal

Reaching his hand down in the brown paper bag Mr Castle pulls out a quart ziploc bag full of white cornmeal. As he gives each one of us a bag he tells the story of the family grain mill. He is heir to the mill. He described how he can put it on a trailer and hook it up to a tractor motor to grind the corn. He likes to take the mill to festivals and events to show how corn is milled. Most of the time the mill stays in his shed. He told us more than once he had papers to verify the corn he used for the meal was from an organic farm down near Statesville. He used to be able to get corn for $2.00 a bushel. Now it is over $20.00. No matter the price,he loves to give. Since his "retirement" he gives his time driving big trucks to emergency areas of the US. He has logged many miles helping victims of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and yes he was there after Katrina. Wearing his familiar cap and ready smile, I am given the gift of cornmeal with the family cornbread recipe. He said since most folks don't have bacon drippings around I could use something like corn oil. Most of all I MUST use buttermilk and an iron skillet. He leaves with more bags of cornmeal in his paper grocery sack for other deliveries. Thank you Mr Castle for your generosity. This was a happy moment in today.

Mr Castle has a road named after his family in the county. He doesn't live on that road anymore. I will treasure this real Appalachian mountain .

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day Trip Down the Mountain

A beautiful fall day drive down to Charlotte, Davidson and Mooresville/Statesville for a little shopping and visits with family.

First stop lunch at the cafe, then some shopping. Ran into some Boone friends too!

Then we stopped by to say hi to my sister and her family in Davidson. They moved back to NC mid August. First time seeing where they live. Short but good visit.  Forgot the camera while there, oh well. Then off to Aldi.

Did a little grocery shopping. Aldi has some very good prices. Bought a pineapple for 1.29!

A stop going and coming to see the grand boys, and of course mom and dad too. Landon and dad were waiting in the drive way for  us to arrive.