Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Last Day by the Sea on the First Day of a New Year

I ended the day standing on the deck over looking the ocean after sunset. Colors still painting the sky and ocean I talked to God.  He heard my Psalm. My praise and prayers. He knows the wonders in my soul. The soul He created.  I said Amen and Selah and came inside.
 My heart is full of Him and all His wonders.

Another Sunrise

I am thankful for sunrises. This is the first sunrise of 2012

Mid day of January 1

Just passing thru

David was flying a kite. I started to take a photo as it nosed dived. Liked the tail of the kite midst the grass

Kites up and going

Sunset on January 1, 2012

Oh, Lord, You are a Wonder!

All I can say is Yes Lord. You are So Very Good.

The rocks, shells were singing praises in their created beauty

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