Monday, January 2, 2012

Ocean Sunrise~ Piedmont Lunch ~Mountain Sunset

We had a wonderful week on the island. The last sunrise before heading home.

David and I stopped by for a quick visit with my parents. It wasn't long before my dad said...I think I hear it's time for some Bo's .  They treated us to lunch. I love my eastern NC roots.

   A stop for gas. The station had a McDonald's inside. David and I got our first official senior discount. This made me happy. 50 cents a cup! and... I am NOT even a fan of McDonald's.

Sunset in the foothills...heading up the mountain

We are home. The wood stove is stoked. The household is growing sleepy and it is snowing. aaaahhh

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Last Day by the Sea on the First Day of a New Year

I ended the day standing on the deck over looking the ocean after sunset. Colors still painting the sky and ocean I talked to God.  He heard my Psalm. My praise and prayers. He knows the wonders in my soul. The soul He created.  I said Amen and Selah and came inside.
 My heart is full of Him and all His wonders.

Another Sunrise

I am thankful for sunrises. This is the first sunrise of 2012

Mid day of January 1

Just passing thru

David was flying a kite. I started to take a photo as it nosed dived. Liked the tail of the kite midst the grass

Kites up and going

Sunset on January 1, 2012

Oh, Lord, You are a Wonder!

All I can say is Yes Lord. You are So Very Good.

The rocks, shells were singing praises in their created beauty