Monday, March 5, 2012

Today was a Cookin' Day

My first try making kale chips. Tasty.

I made a batch of pimento cheese. Then I took half of the spread and added Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese is much lower in sodium than sharp cheddar.  The lower sodium Swiss-Cheddar pimento cheese was made for David and me. We like to watch our sodium intake. The regular spread was for the rest of the family.

Lentil,Potato,Carrot, Onion,Cabbage,soup

Oat,date,fig,almond granola flavored with ginger and unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate.

Getting ready to make pizza

Warm kitchen on a snowy day

Close up of the spinach, mushroom, green olive, green onion, yellow onion, red,green and yellow pepper pizza

A close up of the three pepper, two types of onion, mushroom pizza

Ready for the oven.  Malachi helped make his personal pizza. His favorite olives. He did decide to put a little turkey sausage on too. The large square pan is turkey sausage, onions, and peppers.

I totally enjoyed the day doing one of my favorite things...Cooking.