Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday~March~Beautiful Spring Snow

 Grabbed my camera as I headed for the coffee pot. Sipped on coffee as I peered our our kitchen and living area windows. Wanted to document our possible last and prettiest snow of the year.

From the kitchen bay window

Leaning over and looking down from the window in the backyard.

Shot straight out the window

Front porch

Do I really want to go out there?

Morning light over the sink

The clothes line is pulled inward like rhododendron leaves on a very cold day.

Can you see the snow plow coming? See the orange and lights through the bush?

There it goes

We enjoy sitting in the garden during the LATE spring and summer.

David brought in lots of wood. It is all stacked and dry by the woodstove.

Rain barrel to Ice bucket

Two pictures of the raspberry patch in the snow.