Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring,Friendships~ and~ There's a Tree in Her House!

Spring and Friendships. What a "wonder-full" combination.

Flowers. We must have flowers.

Black Cherry Tea. Warm cherry deliciousness.

Happy things all around. Lily pad small pond just off of the porch in background.

A little bit of Narnia in the center of town. Who knew?

Yes, there is a tree coming out of the roof. Let's take a stroll around the place.

We are lead through a secret path.

Rhododendron Alcove

We found an old fence post. Wonder what it used to look like many years ago.

Many beautiful old trees along the path.

Kirby finds an herb she used to harvest and sale to a local merchant when she was a young girl.

One of several of the bullfrogs in her pond.


Three homesteading women. Looking over the parcel of land.

 Back inside....I told you there was a tree in the house. A few photos of the very likable tree.