Monday, May 6, 2013

A Flood Day

It's been raining for days. Heavy rains for two days. Our mountain rivers and streams have overflowed. Schools are out. Bridges covered with water. Some people have lost electricity. Forecast update as I write this is for more heavy rain, wind and pea sized hail. Thankfully our family was able to get to work. Husband, David is taking this time to work without students in the classroom.(He was already there when school was canceled)

 It is Oma Monday. I play with two of our grandchildren. Malachi and Selah. It has been a very busy morning. Cushions under the kitchen table with a draping canopy all around. Library books. Snacks. Music. Lunch. Another snack. Dancing. Much dancing. A hospital with a waiting room full of sick stuffed animals waiting their turn for Drs. Malachi and Selah. Dress up. Which beckons a show to practice for the parents at dinner. "Come watch our show Oma!" I do with camera in hand. Then they get a little bored. What else? I find two lint rollers. That was all they needed. For almost an hour the lint rollers become hair cutting/grooming tools for Big Zeus.

Grooming Big Zeus. Look at all the "hair"

A serious hair dresser.

Team work.

Dressing up means show time with dancing.

Are you kidding, Malachi?

The belt became her wagger~wagger.

The Show

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mason Jars, Local Coffee,Homemade Sunshine

A quote I read this morning....
George MacDonald, 1881,  "Men would dispute about this and about that doctrine, and their souls all the while were as dry as the desert of Sahara. That was not Christianity. They would dispute about Church government and all manner of things, and here was this Man saying, 'If you ask Me, I will give you eternal life.'"

Friday morning junk-thrift shopping with a couple of girlfriends.

Ya never know what you'll see in the mountains. We followed this trailer pulling a helicopter up a steep mountain grade.
Friday lunch stop at a local diner.

Waiting for my vegetable plate which includes my favorite.....collards!

Precious lunch partners.

Local art over the table across from us.

Friday afternoon coffee. Thrifting can wear a person out.
Hands of friendship.

Breaking bread together. Sharing a treat.

Friday evening walking around town with my sweetheart. Just a random shot.
We followed the sound of music. A little peek of a band just finishing up a number.

Saturday morning
Stopped by my favorite coffee shop with a friend.
We listened to some Americana style music as we sipped our coffee and ate a freshly made doughnut.

Sunday morning
A bright breakfast table on a foggy rainy Sunday morning.

Freshly cut pineapple and strawberries


Malachi got sunshine on a rainy day.

All buttered up

Scrumptious whole wheat buttermilk sunshine covered with maple syrup.

Devoured. A very full four year old.

It's raining harder now. We are full and blessed.