Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Get Up Early?

  The sun's not up. For whatever reasons I have been waking up before the sun peeks over a portion of an eastern ridge of mountain near our home.( I call it Brad's mountain. Our elderly neighbor, Brad, now deceased, loved watching the sunrise from his chair by his porch window).
  Anyway, I have been getting up earlier. I HAD to get up for early classes in college. I HAD to get up early teaching school. I HAD to get up early rearing five children. We became "just the two of us" a couple of weeks ago. I wake up early. I get up early. I don't HAVE to get up before light but I do and I like it.
  The first time I got up early my husband asked if I was OK, if I felt well. He has been the early riser in our home for years. He knows how much I am NOT a morning person. Takes me a while to get into a flow. Still takes time to flow but I am ready to go much earlier in the day. The only problem is, the longer I am up the more I want to eat. I am ready for lunch by 9 am. By noon, I have eaten 3 times already. Gotta make sure what I eat is healthy. I think, maybe, my body is in a little bit of a shock. Happy Day.

Friday, October 25, 2013

October Snow

I wake to this soft surprise. Grabbed my camera and immediately went "window hopping".
Opened the front door. Thankful for the firewood we got two days ago.

Just outside our kitchen window
Sun peeking through from over the next ridge

I did open the front door for a few shots. This is next to our porch

View from our bedroom window. Looking through the glass and screen. Just a few days ago this is where I saw the young buck. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Don't you just love this word and all the feelings that comes with it?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Rest

We..( aka...David and Freida. Husband and Wife. Dad and Mom. Papa and Oma),sit together. Music playing. Crosby,Stills,Nash~Gillian Welch~Sufjan Stevens~Frazey Ford~Secret Garden...Wind blowing encircling the house, with the occasional howl just to make sure we know it's out there. Smell of wood smoke. The first fire of the season. He disappears from the room. I hear the clank of metal on metal as the poker hits against the cast iron stove. I know how much he enjoys keeping the fire. A smile crosses my face at the thought. We rest at the end of a work day.

contentment (kənˈtɛntmənt) 



  1. the state or quality of being content ⇒ I cannot describe the feeling of contentment that was with me at that time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Good Evening

It's been a good evening. Soft. Simple.Restful.

Burlap on the Line

Our daughter, Anna married her bestfriend,Marcus on October 12th. The wedding was soft and beautiful. We put burlap on the stone benches and hung two large panels between trees. The burlap got damp. Before storing I wanted to air dry the panels and strips in the sun. I enjoyed watching the wind and light play in and out of the open fabric weaves swaying and casting shadows.

Anna and Marcus

Monday, October 21, 2013

Just a little bit of today.

OK...OK...It's been five months since posting. So many things have happened. I have not had time or the gumption to write or post anything. Now I do. I could catch you up on everything,but, I think I will just start with today. That's what we have isn't it?
This young man was just outside and down the hill a ways from our bedroom window.

Sites along the way running errands

Flowers in our yard

Local apples.