Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eleven Days into the New Year

We celebrate Mama's birthday and the coming new year. Blessed to be together.

Penny never hurts for a treat
Toasting the New Year.

Sweet mama.

January Eight. Son and Daughter-in-law's pipes are frozen. Full diaper pail. Result~A trip over to Papa and Oma's planned for the next morning.  I wake to this happy sight. Bright colored "hinney" covers hanging by the basement woodstove. The diapers were washed and drying by 6 am. All accomplished by Dad and Papa.

Dusk is always time for candles and  soft lamp light.  A few of our January evenings.

Grandson, Malachi and his mom came over for a short Saturday morning visit. They hadn't been over very long when we heard thunder. This automatically called for cocoa. We sat. Watched the rain and lightening. Listened for the thunder. Malachi decided he liked hearing the thunder.  The three of us. Simple. Full.

January Thunder.