Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Mouthful of Childhood

Figs. I feel all comfy inside whenever I hear this word. My mouth waters and says yes to a fresh plucked fig. Fig bushes are just plain cool looking. Maybe it's because of the late summer days that my Grandma Emma,(we all called her Mammie), and I reached into a bush to find the best ripe fig to pop into our mouths while the chickens clucked and ran around us. I can feel the hot, humid air against my fair-freckled skin. See my Mammie's cotton dress with her slip strap hanging just below the sleeve. ~aahh figs ~So much of the south inside this delicacy. 

This morning I opened a jar of my Mama's homemade fig preserves. Gold. 
Dipped my finger straight into the jar pulling out a gooey dollop straight into my mouth.
Toasted a piece of home bread.
Got out some plain Greek yogurt 

My mouth was full of the taste of my childhood. 


Friday, January 17, 2014

Finishing the Apples

I was peeling a few stored in the basement, withered, but still good and sweet, golden delicious apples when I got sick. They just had to wait. They waited until yesterday afternoon. Thank you sweetheart for taking care of the mess and saving the apples. 

I decide to make small apple cakes from our family favorite apple cake recipe. Roman Apple Cake from More With Less Cooking. 

You can tell by the stains this has been a favorite. David and I purchased this book on our honeymoon in Lancaster, PA, 1981.
A side note~I use less sugar, 3/4 cup or less. Apples are sweet. I mix unbleached and whole wheat flours. I have also used almond milk, cow's milk, soy milk.The soy milk doesn't work as well for some reason, but it's OK.

As I head off to bed, I notice a glow from the moon casting shadows on our front porch. Nice closing of the day. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

From the Couch

I have been sick this week with some sort of flu, I think. The first couple of days my eyes, head, and body hurt. Most all I did was sleep. Yesterday, I camped out on the couch. Pulled an old book from the shelf given to me by friend several years ago. It is one of those books I can open about anywhere and glean from.   From the couch.

Reading from Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood which is said to be a compilation of letters from a religious weekly (1934-1948).  Many written during the WW11 days. These letters and quotes were gathered by Mary Strong and published in 1948.

Worship is a giving out of love to the Holy Spirit,to God, to Christ, our eternal companion, and with it comes a warming sense of companionship; it is ,as one has said, "a witness to His glory." Let the inner you banish all that disturbs, let the body which envelops it be still, and all the frettings of the body and all that surrounds it; let earth and sea and air be still, and heaven itself. And then let the man think of the Spirit as streaming, pouring, rushing and shining into him from all sides while he stands quiet." This my children, is worship.

Yes, that is a Sponge Bob thermometer. Bought it to have around for grand children temp taking if needed. The only thermometer that worked correctly. Added bonus..little beeps to keep attention until the final quick several beeps. Kept my attention. ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grand Daughters are Very Grand Indeed

Selah comes bearing gifts for us. Gift wrapped in her homemade decorated wrapping with LOTS of tape. The masterpieces MUST go up on the refrigerator immediately. 

I just have to put on the jewels Selah brought over.

Anyone else think Dorothy and shiny red slippers?

My heart is captured.

Iona connects with Papa. Papa is smitten by this little one.  

 What to do on a cold winter evening? Try riding a tricycle in the basement.

We all had a wonderful evening while mom and dad went out on a date.