Friday, February 7, 2014

Early Morning Biscuits

Anna and Malachi were coming by before work. I'll have some hot buttermilk biscuits waiting. 

Always a letter biscuit for the grandchild that will be eating. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Homestead Monday

I love being home on Mondays. This is my day to homestead. I cook. I dig through simple living sites and Pinterest inspirations. I visit my blog favorites folder. I catch up on photography, food, homesteading,and  friends I have never met face to face, in my blog file. I most always come away inspired to create and explore.  I listen to music or enjoy the quiet. Today is a put Pandora on shuffle music day.

I cook.
A kitchen tool that really helps the food budget is our stainless steel pressure cooker. I mostly use this for cooking dried beans quickly. Today it's small red beans, pintos, and red kidney beans. Going to make a bean chili. Have tomatoes, peppers and chicken stock in the freezer. Add some onions, garlic, spices from the cabinets. Let it simmer away. Think I will make some corn bread too.


I enjoy the music shuffle.

A glimpse into my favorites folder. I really enjoy the photographs here.
Beautiful Things