Friday, March 7, 2014

Thirty-Three Years and Lovin' Everyone of Them

We left love notes on the fridge dry erase board through out the week

Notes by the coffee maker

Morning snow

Heading out for the day. I have an eye doctor appointment.

David's home from school.

Headin' out

Our road

Safely delivered at the eye doctor. He leaves to run some errands while I'm here. 

Then we go to lunch
And I stuff myself

Stopped by our favorite coffee shop, complete with groovy glasses from the eye exam. Eyes dilated. The bright snow really hurts.

If you take my picture I will give you a face

Local Lion
After ALL that wonderful Indian food we stop for dessert. I will drink the coffee now and save the espresso chocolate doughnut for later.

I think this is the best red wine I have ever ever had.

 Flowers given to me by my sweet heart.