Sunday, March 23, 2014

Melodies That Surround Me

My heart is full. Full like your mama-cooked favorite food. Full like breathing deep in from your toes, lungs about to burst with fresh mountain air. Full. An earful. Yes, an ear full of your favorite voices. Laughter of five year old boys and a four year old princess. Giggles complete with sound of swift soft feet running from the three year old bundle of cute sweetness. A fresh seven month grin explosion bursting from a grandson's crystal blue eyes. Coos that come with the colors of the rainbow from your five month old grand daughter. I hear these melodies in the midst of "my ones".The louder notes... The crescendos... Full like dense fog around the table. Thick family warmth and joy. Yes, my soul is full. I am thankful. The melodies that surround sound me don't go unnoticed. I sing, I hum, I dance with each beat and note.