Friday, May 30, 2014

Married Eight Years~~Josiah and Meredith~~~

A few snapshots I found of you two. I have loved watching your love grow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maya...Thank You

Oh Maya,
You have encouraged and convicted me. I have cried the ugly cry reading from your books. I have danced in front of the TV listening to you read or an interview,saying YES! You were on by bucket list, (if I had one) to listen to in person. To hear your soothing rooty voice. I did just last year. I was so excited for weeks. The day of going to see you... that was all I could think of. Gotta get good seats. Gotta get were I can see her close up. I did. I felt giddy. I was blessed. Oh, I know, you didn't like a fuss made over you like that.  But, It was like I was getting to see this friend I had missed for along time.  I "met" you somewhere along the way in the mid '90's. I liked you immediately. You were real. No frills. Earthy, yet full of dignity. You drew me to your soul. Thank you Ms Angelou for being brave and real. Thank you for the encouragement

I was SO excited. Counting minutes to hear my friend's voice in person. 

From our bookshelf. 

and I know ....Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Morning Shadows

As I was drinking my morning coffee, I thoroughly enjoyed the shadow play on our living room wall.  Something about watching the shadows ebb and flow, grow and thicken, elongate and fade was inviting and soothing. There is no way to capture all the soft hues but here is a small peek.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mr Kitty

You love to watch for us. You stare at the door or lie in wait in the chair by the door. What has happened to you? You have always been friendly but aloof, enjoying the occasional back or head rub. You have faithfully brought us "you are my people" prizes from your hunts. Now that everyone is out of the house you have turned into this loved starved, pet me,VERY TALKATIVE, I must follow you, or lie in the same room with you cat. You even jump up in our laps! Pray tell, what is going on with you, Mr Kitty? Have you waited 13 years for your turn? Are you lonely for all the voices, legs to rub up against, and your dog brother Calvin? or  Are you just plain "YES" about time! For a cat you are OK, I guess.

I know you are watching me. 
Watching the door...Mr.Kitty
One of your look out perches

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day  

Oma, I know what today means. You do? Yes. It is the day the flags are half mast to remember people that have died serving our country. Wow, how do you know that? My dad and mom told me. Good job mom and dad.~~~~Malachi is five years old and knows today is not just a day for picnics and grill outs.~~~ 

Scenes from our Memorial Day. 

Homemade wholewheat hamburger buns

Garden lettuce, homemade bun

A few of us. First grill out of the spring/summer season


Sweet Iona