Friday, June 6, 2014

Spinach and Cheese Results

I pulled out some of my mama's homemade fig preserves to go with the cheese.

Topped off the "appetizer" with hot sauce and chives from the garden.  
I gathered the produce mark downs to go with chives and spinach stems from the garden. Also added garlic, onions and of course olive oil.

The Spinach stems cooked up so nicely.

Ready to serve. Thankful.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Freezin' Spinach and Makin' Cheese~ Part One

David brought in a bunch of spinach.
Freshly picked spinach from the garden
Washing the spinach leaves
We had some milk about to go bad in the refrigerator. Didn't want to waste it. Decided to make cheese.
Cooking down the spinach and heating the milk. 
Heat milk to 185 degrees. Take off heat and add 3 TBSP vinegar or lemon juice. I had close to a gallon so I put in about 6 TBSP of vinegar. The milk wasn't completely sour, if it was I probably would not have needed that much vinegar. I added a little at the time until I saw the separation begin. Stir occasionally and gently until you see that the curds and whey have separated. I let the curds and whey sit as it cooled waiting until I thought most of the separation had happened. Maybe max 20 minutes or so. I also added a little salt and pepper. 
I had a cheese cloth covered strainer over a bowl ready. Easily pour the mixture over the cheese cloth. Bring up the cloth from the strainer.  Some like to rinse the curds before squeezing. I didn't. The cheese had no vinegary taste. Ring/Squeeze as you would a wet cloth until it stops dripping.  Crumble or form into a cheese ball. 

After squeezing. Before forming into a ball season as you would like with herbs.

Left over whey. Whey has many uses. I have used it in baking, soups, and soaking grains/beans. This time David fed the compost.
A rough cream cheese or ricotta

Spinach ready for the freezer. We have already put up several bags. Plus, been enjoying it salads. 
Feeding the backyard compost
View from the compost bin looking up the hill to the house.
Washed cheese cloth hanging to dry over the kitchen sink
Now, the spinach stems. Full of flavor and nutrition waiting for stir fry.
Stay Tuned for how David enjoyed the cheese .............

Monday, June 2, 2014

~All in a Clayton Weekend~ Part Two

Back porch in the morning,
My Dad porch supervising,
Porch paintin' dad and son-in-law,
Jones Lunch (that has been around since 1958), 
Mama's chicken salad.
Morning perch. Watching his Dad and Papa prep the porch for painting.

Malachi took this picture of his emergency fest. A boy has to have something to do.



Sweet moment between mama and son. ~Snack time~

 Let's Take a Break and Go to Lunch

I went to Jones at the same age my grandchildren are now.

Anna enjoys sharing the Jones Lunch experience with Marcus. He has now been "Claytonited"
Traditional BLT

Waiting patiently for his hotdog and french fries.

This is hotdog is GOOD! Oma....

Leanin' into it.

 Back to Work


While the guys were painting and Malachi was playing in the sprinkler, Mama was cookin' up a good southern supper. 

 The chopper in the background~ mama has had for all my memory. But the MAIN thing is......

Chicken salad ALWAYS goes in this bowl.  The chicken-salad bowl. It was my grandmother's bowl. 

of course sweet tea 

All in a Clayton Weekend~ Part One~

and....the sprinklers came on!

a warm day, a five year old boy
at his great-grandparents
= happiness and joy


A soppin' wet happy boy