Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Could Have Flown to Europe or California

We woke up and bustled around doing those last minute things you do before going out of town. We are running 30 minutes behind time. But that's OK. We have plenty of time for Jesse and the boys to take us to the airport. Phone message....Flight time change. That will work. Time to spend with the grand boys and Jesse. To the airport. Made good time. Check in..WHAT? ANOTHER flight time change? (this made the fourth change since the first purchase time) Leaving 5:10?! Called our friends in Indianapolis with update. Go thru security. David gets pulled over for baggage check. The CHEESE. I know it's that chunk of cheese. Yep it was. Thankfully we score two rockers to eat snacks, watch people, regroup and wait. Oh, we were on a passenger wait list too. With all the switching, David was seated at the rear of plane and I was up front. The only option to be together was to be put on wait. Enter summer thunder storm. Add..more wait. Finally on board to the reroute to Atlanta then on to Indianapolis. But NO. After more wait time, sitting at the back of plane, our flight to Indiana was boarding as we were trying to Un"board. We hightail it to a tram,down escalators,around corners,to the opposite end of the Delta Concourse. There's our plane. You can't board. It's closed and ready. Over to customer service. Long line. A pleasant, gitter done, REAL person takes care of us. Vouchers. David is sleeping. I'm unwinding. Over 10 hours to get from Charlotte, to Atlanta. We are on a morning flight. Our tickets read Seat Request. Stay Tuned.

Time for play

Game Face

Olives, Tomatoes, Crackers, Cheese, Celery, Carrots,....and more...

Taking this hunk across  country by train. Glad it passed "inspection"


I was going to poke him if he started snoring. OUT

Atlanta near airport

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cousins ,Uncles ,Aunts, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents ,Friends ~Whatta Week~

Story time with Uncle Marcus/Dad 
Baby toes at our table 
This is how you meet your cousin Malachi
More lovin
Cousins....missing two and the two new ones comin' soon....So this is half of the cousin crew
Finn, are you goin' to finish that? 
Well, Iona, I guess it's OK that you are touching my space


Time for checking out Papa's blueberries in the backyard
Tart....but I like them
Rest time  
Picnic on the front porch
OK you know the drill....Oma documents family time

Shower Time Saturday

Doubly blessed

FINN!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!!  Yes, Iona, LOUD and clear.


Again, four generations.
Nothing like family time
Whoa...Now, that's BIG...By the way, What is that, mom?