Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pacific Grove to Boone ~Home~

What's left of the huge hunk of cheese that got David pulled over for bag check on the way to CA. I cut the remainder up in slices to eat on the way home. 

San Francisco airport. Saying good bye

There's our ride to the east coast

How to make lunch at 37,000 feet

Hey, We go prepared.

Lunch with window seat and view

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PACIFIC GROVE~ Day Nine~Last Day Around Town

A Leisurely Last Day Walk

Several different types of seagulls

Lovers Point

I discovered a mural telling the history of Pacific Grove today

Ready and waiting firepit

Nasturtium grows wild 

I liked all the cottages street after street

Jacob picked up carry out from Petra's often while studying. Quick, good and across the street. I wanted to order for our last evening. We called for take out. I walked over with Jacob to pick up the food.

While I was waiting, I turned around to see what was on the wall behind me. This is what I saw.

This was on the other wall

The roasted tomato,eggplant, onion sandwich wrapped in a thick pita was very tasty.