Saturday, August 2, 2014

No Frills~~~ But Beautiful

I stepped outside the basement door.

David is letting the lettuce go to seed.

Up close and personal with the flowering tops of the lettuce.

Mr. Kitty followed me.


David in his habitat
Malachi wrote this note to us before bed the other night. Still there. I helped him with the words always, forever.

Always time to paint

Newest addition to the family. Micah is a week old today.
Big Yawn

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Fly By

July 1-10
Prepared for our adventure to California. Traveled by train cross country. Celebrated our son's graduation from Defense Language(Arabic) Institute. Enjoyed Pacific Grove, Monterey, California. Arrived home early morning hours of July 10.

July 11-18
Deep breath. Ready..
Worked at my part time job on Friday the 11th. David jumped into yard and garden catch up. He brought in abundance from his garden. We...Canned relish. Froze zucchini, green beans, and raspberries. Have eaten well.... Beets, Swiss chard, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, lettuces, spinach, herbs, graced the table the past weeks. 
AND...YES... as a school teacher, David has been preparing for the next school year. 
Our expectant, any day,daughter, son-in-law, and grandson moved in with us during the third week of July. Much moving, shuffling, packing went on. A packed two bed rooms. Extra stuff in storage. Going to work. We waited for the baby. 
David spends most mornings over at our eldest son's business staining wood beams. 

Really, Really good beets

July 19-25
We got ready for Jacob...Uncle JJ! (Jacob is moving back to Boone for a while. Staying with us until he finds a spot of his own.) We gutted (took everything out) of a basement bedroom. Bleached down the walls and washed the windows, curtains, rugs. David painted the cement floor a dark brown. Everything was freshen up. Empty room ready for Jacob. Jacob arrives on the 21st. He drove a Penske truck full of his belongings, pulling his car cross country. No storage units available. The empty room turned into a storage unit with a mattress on the floor. A good friend let him store a few pieces of furniture at his house.
Full week of family,work, garden, grocery shopping, cooking, and David staining wood at the Local Lion. 

July 26 
I worked my part time job from 9am-4pm. We had a share a dish fellowship that began at 5:30. Daughter goes to hospital just as the fellowship began. Admitted around 6:30. I get called to come hospital around 8pm.
Baby Micah is born at 9:58 pm. Big Brother comes over to hospital.
Family comes to hospital. Very late, into the early morning hours, night. 

July 27
Drove down to Davidson for our daughter-in-law's baby shower. Enjoyed the shower and time with family.
Drove straight from Davidson back to the hospital. Checked in with the family and new little one. Visited with our son-in-law's parents for a few minutes. Home for dinner and to put big brother to bed.

July 28
~Marcus Birthday~ Malachi and I rushed around getting ready for his dad's birthday. Got balloons, cake fixin's and icecream. House birthday ready. House "bring baby home" ready.
Baby Home. 
Now, Let's have a Happy Birthday Cookout. 

We all had a good day.

July 29
Emma's Birthday. 
 Happy Birthday Emma! Sent messages to Germany.

July 30th
My Birthday
From Finnegan. His first picture for me.
They know me...Stuff for the house and wine.  Sweet Cards from the grandchildren
Skyped with Emma and Finnegan. 
Sweet family gave me prizes,hugs and lovin. 

Today. July31st
I worked a few hours at my job. Held a new grandson, got hugs and kisses from my second oldest grandson, my husband fixed dinner with vegetables from the garden, got a kiss on the forehead from son, Jacob.~~~~ Le Sigh~~~~~