Friday, August 22, 2014


Emotional. Seems I live in that land most of the time. Today my youngest child, daughter, mama, wife, sister, turns 25. I remember back to her birth day. Joyous. This morning I watch her do those last minute mama touches for her son's first day of school, ever.. Kindergarten. As the happy family drives off, I wave, fighting back tears. As I breathed a prayer, tears flowed from my heart..A moment of the "ugly cry" Sigh and wait for the report of  "How was it? Tell me every detail." and....Happy Birthday Anna Rebekah, I love you.

It's barely light outside

What a good dad. Making sure Malachi looks good for his first morning of school. 

I notice all but one of the Tuft family in the bathroom. Where's Micah?

I find him fast asleep by his parents bed.

Only just a little bit excited

I see this pile on the couch ready to go out the door.


Ready to roll

I love you too, Malachi

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sun on Earth

Malachi brought me flowers. He said.."The yellow one is sun on earth and the orangish one looks like sunset." What a beautiful way to start the day. 

Close up of the sunflower just outside our basement door. 

One of my favorites.

Good job little fella