Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Unfiltered Life as Seen by Malachi

A compilation of photos taken by five year old Malachi from mid July-mid September.

Back porch


I like my slippers


NOT before coffee!


Just before baby brother was born

Another slipper photo

Dandelions are so much fun

Mama's shadow

My baby brother is inside there

I go down these steps with Papa to the back yard

Oma's basket

I helped picked these from Papa's garden

Oma's feet while she is cookin


Mr Kitty

My Bed


Papa makin ice cream

Uncle Jacob and Papa

SOOO funny Micah started to poop while Mama gave him a bath

Two grand daddy long legs. (blurry spots on the window screen)

We have a CO2 detector

Mama's flowers


~~~~Malachi came home from school and informed me that he had more pictures than this. Sure enough, there were more photos on the camera card from the weekend.  So we added these together.~~~~