Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's a Hotwheels Birthday Party

Hotwheel Shark Designer Marcus Tuft. Complete with steering wheel, peddles, and a secret lift compartment in the upper tail of the shark behind the head. Many hours in the assembly line.

Family arrive to celebrate Malachi's sixth year.

Playing games while anticipating swings at the pinata 

Time to swing.....hopefully, hit the pinata!

OK, now...Everyone has hit the car twice. Let's crash the pinata!!!Get ready!

Birthday boy!

Mom did a great job making birthday treats.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tangled in Beauty

 Ever felt all knotted and tangled up inside and out? I have. I do know this, I have comfort that within the tangles and knots,The Tree of Life is at the center of it all. Somehow the tangled vines become beautiful and hugging. Please take time and listen to this song. Praise You in the Storm

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Open House, Ava Gardner, Cornbread, Six Years

We started off the weekend, Friday evening, by surprising my brother at his Christmas Open House

I snapped a few photos of the event.

 David and I slipped out to take a stroll down the street.

After our short stroll we walked back to say good bye.

We came home to my mom and dad's. Supper cookin. Squash, cabbage,beets,boiled potatoes, beef stew, chicken salad and CORNBREAD! Fried Cornbread! I can't remember when I last had this....Ohhhhhh

We leave Sunday morning early to drive from Clayton to Davidson for an all important party. Landon is six years old. The following are celebration photos of Landon's party.
Landon Tyler

Nathan is taking the slide seriously

Cousin Iona looks out of the bouncy cage

Micah is dressed for the sports themed party

Uncle Josiah tries out the bouncy house


Now Landon counts his birthday years on two hands.

"basket balls" 

Mouth full of good party food

Landon, Come on out. Smile for Oma.....please?.....

A very quick moment with Papa

Baby sister Bella wakes up for the party

Baby Cousin Micah takes it all in

Well.....Bella and Iona......???

Uncles, Grandpas and Dad....The two grandpas are talkin about something. 
Saying goodbye to the birthday boy