Thursday, July 30, 2015


Scone Bearers

Vase made by a friend
Flowers from a dear friend.
Combined flowers from David and Connie

suspended feather on the porch

I turned 58 today. It is good. My sweet husband found someone that made homemade clothespins. He knows how much I enjoy hanging clothes on the line. I cried because he knows me, as he poured the  first cup of coffee of my 58th year. Phone calls of love and good wishes, a Skype call from Tennessee, homemade scones delivered to my door.  A few hours spent talking, sharing, reminiscing, loving, laughing with a close friend. LOVE is what I received. Thank you for blessing the day I turned 58.

I notice the moon at the end of my birthday day. God's gift at the close of a smiley day.

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