Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # One

It hit me last night as I cuddled up next to my husband and listened to the wind and rain, that this is the last month of living in this home of 30 years. I felt an urge to cry and still do as I write these words. I know it is all OK. Just fine. As it should be. To live in the country and homestead has been a dream we both have shared. We look forward to the adventure. Still, this place has been home...home for years. Celebrations...births (children and grandchildren), graduations,( kindergarten, high school, college), weddings, achievements, the everyday routines, meals, lots and lots of meals with family and friends... Heartaches...deaths of family and friends, sicknesses,disappointments ... Home. A sanctuary. I am thankful for this shelter that belongs to our friend Jesus. He has provided and sustained. This Wildwood Lane home has seen abundance in overflow. I am grateful.
So, today I thought I would capture moments of our last weeks in this home. To do my favorite things.

One of my favorite things to make is buttermilk biscuits. I did that on this rainy Sunday morning. The home smelled so warm and cozy. The rain and wind created the symphony. David and me. David enjoyed his biscuits with berry jam and butter. I enjoyed mine with molasses from our friends over in Todd. Yes, Todd. This is where we are destined. I am grateful for the future because I know Who is already there.

We purchased an electric heater on line yesterday about lunch time. BANG! at the front door around 10 am. The heater arrived. Whoa. 


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