Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Last Day Living on Wildwood Lane

The Last Day. I took David to work early morning. Came home and did some last minute cleaning and gathered up our last belongings. I know this may sound crazy to some, but as I walked around taking parting photos I thanked each room. I locked the door, left the keys and cried. Actually I cried pretty much through the entire leaving the home process. Thirty years is a good while to live in one place.

Joy at the End of the Day 

David and I drove over to see the grandchildren all dressed up for the Boone Boo. Balm. Balm to my achy soul. Yes, I cried. I love our children and grandchildren so. 

 We say our goodbyes with hugs and kisses. As we turn to walk away I cried. Cried almost all the way to the car. We drive toward our "winter home". We don't turn right at Forest Hill. We keep on going. My throat ached. I felt as though I could hardly breathe. Tears rolled..No, they poured. David reaches over without at word and holds my hand. We ride a few miles in silence. I finally breathe. I look forward to our new home in Todd. I am blessed to have a place to be for the winter. I see God's hand through it all. I do know this, wherever David and I are together, I am home.
 I ask David to put the sign up as I make the first meal, in the first chapter of our new venture.

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