Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Nineteen

Beautiful day. Emma suggest lunch on the porch. We are sitting around the table, Finn is eating but playing up down, all around in his chair. His feet go through the back space of the chair. No problem, he's done that before. He stands there a minute or two playing some sort of make believe and supposedly eating. OK, time to get out of there. I try to pull him out, Emma tries to pull him out, We both try to pull him out. He's stuck. It's the diaper..( a thick cloth diaper) that's the problem. Emma goes to take off the that a poop I smell? is. So now we have a stuck two year old, with a poopie diaper that needs to come off. Emma tactically removes the diaper as I run for wipes. Now let's just pull him up and out.  No. Obviously Finn has grown  since he last stood between the back and seat of the porch chair. Emma kneels in front of Finn to pull the edge of the chair away from his waist as I pull straight up and gingerly as possible...There was a brief thought that we would have to cut him out.  Release...Up...Out and  a diaper change. Mother and Daughter team work. We did it... laughing. Another good memory made.

 Mom! Where's your camera? Got to document what a day in the life Finn is like.
Diaper removal in process. 

Sweet patient Finn. I think he was enjoying the sun. 

Emma pushed down the seat as I stood behind and pulled. 
Emma gave me permission to show a glimpse of today.  Thankfully, Finn wasn't in any danger, or pain.

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