Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Ten

Such a beautiful morning. My walk to work. 

Peak is coming

You can see where I work from a curve on a neighborhood street. Zoomed in. I am headed to there for the next 7 hours of today.

Almost there.

A reminiscing smile comes across my face as I see Sunday's lunch list still on the refrigerator door. Yes, I do this. My mama did this for big meals and still does. This is why I do. It makes sense. Easy to keep up with what you're cooking. Thank you Mama for all those wonderful southern meals.

I know this recipe by heart but it is a staple on the side of the refrigerator. Had this for over 30 years. Biscuits like my grandmas without the lard but always with buttermilk. We had biscuits on Sunday. 

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