Friday, October 9, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Thirteen

This jewel caught my eye this morning peeking through the trees. 

The day starts with a morning visit from Iona
Iona watching the leaves dance in the wind. 

Of course we go pretty leaf hunting. 
One of her chosen beauties

We choose one of Papa's apples from a basket

Snack and a "movie" The leaves were magical. 

We both danced with the leaves

Let's make faces at each other !

It's so much fun to be goofy

My view of our goofiness

We had so much fun. I love you Iona.

We are heading to Nashville to meet Eirlys Wynn and hug on Finnegan and the rest of the family. 

On the road
We ran along side of a storm for a long ways. Then we ran into rain most of the trip.

Nashville in the blur of rain

 Nashville Bound  (David didn't realize I was videoing.)

It rained most of the trip.

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