Saturday, March 7, 2015

So Glad I Said Yes

Thirty Four Years Married~ Diners~Backroads~Bed and Breakfast. David and I got out of town to the country side of the next county. We enjoyed exploring, eating and resting.

Local Cuban food and it was good.

I like the hominess of the pressure cooker on the stove.
Within five minutes my eyes popped from the espresso. Straight with just a little sugar.

We head over to the Bed and Breakfast. A restored 1800's home in Ashe County Buffalo Tavern
And yes, there was a claw foot tub in the room.

Just outside of our room. A quick picture on a cold breezy day.

I liked the old beveled windows around the door.

Riding the backroads enjoying the view. 
David gives me tulips every anniversary. I am always surprised when he walks in with them.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Making Memories

The Party


  Pajamas~Special Stuffed Friends~Bedtime Story with the Wolf

Waiting patiently. Ready for story time~complete with wolf pup ears. Iona enjoys "listening" going between her dad and papa. Story time with special affects. Melissa even gets caught up in the story. A happy day. Time for a good battery charging nights sleep.

Water Park! First the Little Kids 

The Big Kids

 Some insights into the pictures. David is the blur to the left underneath the water fall. Can't you see the slow motion in the black and white, of the guys going up to the top of the water sled? They came flying down before I knew it. Barely caught Matt and Marcus. Dolores, You appeared down the slide before I was ready: so a quick blur just to document the occasion. David and Jesse enjoying the water edge..a little surprise when the wave machine came on.

~Saving the Best for Last~Family  ~

The S shaped cord of floating people in the pool are family. Stringing along together.