Friday, April 10, 2015


Remnant from Sunday's festivities. Made me smile as I walked past it on the porch. 
Baby feet. One of my favorite things ever. 

New hands. Love it.

  I like to read, glean, explore from creative minds on the internet. I digitally collect "things" like I used to tear from magazines or jot down. Just a few of my finds this week. 

Last night we had a few quick spring thunder storms roll through. The sky got all silvery with lightning flashes. I go out on the porch and try to capture the light. When I looked at the photos I saw the way the silver sky made the tree bark and blooms pop. Don't you just love surprises? 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cousins, Eggs and Carrots

~Resurrection Sunday~~~

The Cousins Table

The mamas and the daddys with the little ones...Iona is just behind her dad's right side, Micah up and center in his mama's lap. 

Bella has a table of her own.

Let's Hide & Hunt Eggs

Playing and Planting

 Planting the tops of the carrots that we enjoyed eating at lunch. They will grow into bushy green tops.
The little ones enjoyed holding hands.

More memories made.