Saturday, May 30, 2015

Snow Peas~Swinging~Shadows

 Mom and Dad are off celebrating nine years of marriage. Selah and Iona come to Papa and Oma's for a sleepover

First, there are some snow peas that need picking. 

Now let's go to the swing!

I catch Selah picking chives for the pizza. 

The Iona,..........

....think I will sit with you Papa while Sissy is picking chives

You see me? Right? Papa!

I love you Iona

OK, then...Think I will go now.
Coming in for dinner 
Just checkin to see if anything's changed out there. 

We take an after dinner walk 
Iona explains a "balloon" in the neighbors yard

Mesmerized by her shadow.

We will make pancakes in the morning and go to a park. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our One Day

 We have been content on our little dead end street for 30 years. Our little in town Shangri-La hideaway.  We have talked about moving to the country for years. The time never felt right. Our "one day". "One day" if it is to be it will be. No strife or work it up to make it happen. All will fall into place just as it should be. "One day", If not we are OK right where we are.
 One Day if we find a piece of land or house we will just know. It will feel like home. We enjoyed a late winter getaway back in early March. Took time to drive back country roads. Looking for the maybe.Nothing felt right. Then through a series of events we found a piece of property. As we turned into the last curve driving from our 30 year Shangri-La I felt like I was coming home.  David and I both knew this was our new home. It's as if we both rested in a big sigh. Today. May 26th we are property owners of 4+ acres. Our One Day. It will take a little while to tidy up the homestead and ready the land for the new. We will not rush. All will be as it should be.

~~~Oh, as we were driving to the land, I asked David if he felt all smiley inside. He did and I did. I caught us both smiling in silence.~~
One of our property lines is a creek. We own the left side.

Climbing to where we will build our new home

Pa and Ma Davis on their Four+ Acres of Mountain

I am standing on our front porch. Of course many trees will be cleared for a drive way.